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Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras

I started saving money for a new lens earlier this summer.  Then I started reading all the good reviews of the new Fuji mirrorless cameras and I really want one.  So now I’m planning on selling my DSLR and going mirrorless.  I figure I should do that before I start spending money on new glass, plus those Zeiss lenses look really nice.

My only problem at this point is choosing which one to get.  The Fuji X-Pro 1 seems great, but is it really worth the extra money?  I mean the X-E1 is basically the same camera with a different viewfinder, and the X-M1 is basically the same camera without a viewfinder.  I really like the flip screen on the X-M1 for street photography, but I feel like I would miss the viewfinder for everything else.

They say Fuji is a company that listens to what their customers say, so here’s my plea:

Dear Fuji,

Could you please, please, please make a mirrorless camera with a flip screen and a viewfinder.  That would be awesome!  And, on the off chance that you ever actually read this, could it possibly have a full-frame sensor?  That would be even more awesome!  So awesome in fact that I would even consider renaming my first child in your honor, especially if you sent me one so that I could review it for my loyal followers.

Speaking of which,

Dear loyal followers,

While I love all five of you greatly, could you please stop posting random nonsense on my blog.  I’m sure your online casinos are great and all, but this just isn’t the forum for that type of thing.

Best Regards,

Jorge Jimenez

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